Gideon Gondwe (left) receiving a motorcycle for his field work

Action for Sustainable Development(ASUD) is among the Non-Governmental Organizations
that are drilling the young graduates of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates from various
colleges and universities in Malawi under Jobs for youth programme (J4Y). This include wide
range of professions related to fisheries and aquaculture, agriculture, nutrition, land
management and horticulture among others.
Gideon Gondwe is among the youth who graduated from Mzuzu University with a Bachelor of
Science Degree in Fisheries, who was enrolled in the J4Y programme and he was located at
ASUD in Mzuzu. This created a chance for him to be exposed to job opportunity upon his
good performance, cooperative and hard working. While working under this programme,
ASUD made internal advertisement for the position of Fisheries and Aquaculture Field Officer
and Gideon Gondwe took up the post after pass interview. Today Gideon is a project officer
responsible for Mzimba and Nkhatabay Districts under Acquaculture Value Chain Programme
(AVCP) which is funded by COFAD/GIZ. Gideon says ”I am very thankful for J4Y
programme because it connected me to ASUD where now I am employed. This programme is
good and it should continue”. Gideon says; “today I am keeping my family well and I am able to support
my brothers, sisters and relatives because I am employed. I want to urge my fellow youth who are in this
programme to behave well and work hard.”

Gideon Gondwe- I got a
job through J4Y