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Lack of employment, limited sources of income, poor agricultural production and lack of knowledge and technical skills in agriculture have led to serious poverty among the rural communities that border the city of Mzuzu. Over 40% of the population is engaged in brick production, firewood vending and charcoal production for income which has led to serious destruction of environment. The soils in these areas have become heavily degraded and less

So to respond to this, Action for Sustainable Development (ASUD) introduced alternative sources of income such as beekeeping, fruit production, fish farming, and bamboo cultivation in communities around Nkhorongo and Doroba communities as a means of protecting environment. ASUD also introduced afforestation, agroforestry, natural regeneration and vertivar planting as a means of conserving the environment.

ASUD also provides training and capacity building to all the community groups that it serves on related activities. ASUD is aimed to tackle the social and economic crisis including droughts, disaster prevention and income generation for the youth, women and poor rural communities to reduce the level of poverty and contribute to National Development goals. ASUD Background ASUD is a non-political and non-profit making non-governmental organization created in 2009 to respond to current needs of the Malawian citizens to enable them become self-sustaining socially and economically. ASUD is managed by independent non-partisan indigenous professionals whom have been experiencing practically & technically on various fields of capacity building on community development projects as they have had special trainings (TOTs) to the sectors of agriculture and environment, humanitarian interventions, Human rights, child protection and capacity building programs.

ASUD Proposal
As indigenous professionals on agriculture, environment and capacity building, ASUD felt that there is an argent need to carryout environmental friendly interventions and it had the ability to access the grass roots and act as a bridge with well wishers and charities that are willing to help in the improvement of the rural livelihoods. This was the philosophy behind the establishment of ASUD.